Bezier Shape Manipulation Tool

Here’s a bezier shape tool I’ve been working on the past 2 days in order to facilitate level design for Fragger 2.

Originally all shapes were created in Flash Professional, then exported via a JSFL script, and then imported into Unity with another tool and component. But I required a bit more versatility. So, even though I was reluctant to make this tool for now I ended up biting the bullet and making it at least in simple form for the time being. The tool still allows you to import complex shapes created in Flash as well.

Workstation and Schedule Ready!

Well after all the trouble I’ve been through, with some help from my family, I’ve managed to set up a humble workstation and a schedule to the finish line of the game. And here it is :


Yeah, pink walls. It’s not my room… But it’ll have to do for the remainder of the project! Stay tuned!


Back at it!

I’ve finally managed to gather some strength and am back at work!

Things are still very hard indeed, but I want to push through and get this game out as soon as I can for any fan of the original Fragger out there that want to enjoy some new content.

I haven’t added any new media in a while, so  here’s a few work in progress screenshot of the current build :

( Click for hi-res )




I hope to keep this momentum going and bring you the game as soon as possible. If you’d like to play this game, don’t hesitate to leave comments, they certainly are motivational!


Still Around

Hey everyone. Things are still going strong. The last 2 weeks have been busy : I had been working on my build system… Unfortunately, something I thought would potentially only take a few days got elongated to a full 2 weeks of non-stop work. Now back onto actual development. I’ll make an effort to post a few goodies in the coming weeks.


A little bit of introductory media

I’ll make an effort to post media and development goodies as much as I can without spoiling too much the fun. I tend to keep busy working and forget about posting updates… But I’ll work on that.

Let’s start with a little pencil test sprite animation for our main character tossing a few grenades at a Grunt :)



Here I’m using my rough animation of the grenadier in order to test the timing with the grenade throw input itself, to make sure it feels right before continuing with the clean animation. At this point I’m pretty satisfied, and would just add some follow through frames before moving into the clean stage.